Who’s organizing the inaugural Science Hack Day Vilnius 2017?

Technarium hackerspace (Vilnius)

TxNx laser harp

Technarium – a community of almost 100 hackers and technology-oriented people – is co-organizing and hosting this year’s event. There’s a strong interest in science, citizen science and DIY bio at Technarium, which pushed the decision to host the first ever Science Hack Day in Lithuania. Technarium members will be mentors & participants at the hackathon, and will share their technical expertise with SDHV 2017 participants during the event.

Makerspace Lietuva (Kaunas)

Makerspace.lt ping-pong

Makerspace Lietuva is an open community for free-minded makers to meet, share their knowledge and ideas, and find like-minded folks to work on cool projects together. Makerspace members always have great crazy ideas how to make science more fun and were excited to get involved & co-organize the first hacking for science event in Lithuania. They will be assisting and mentoring the participants of SHDV 2017.

M-LAB (Vilnius)

M-Lab BioHack

The “M” stands for word “Meškėnai”, which means “Raccoons“ in Lithuanian. M-Lab is a Fab Lab and carries out a lot of educational activities based on the mobile/pop-up Fab Lab concept by traveling through different cities, schools and events. Raccoons like reusing and re-purposing wasted materials like scrap electronics to build new cool stuff. M-Lab crew has experience in making various devices by using materials from trash in combination with digital fabrication/design tools and will share their skills by helping the participants during SHDV 2017.